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Your home says as much about as your wardrobe and we believe that good design shouldn’t cost but should be a given.

With everything from gorgeous accessories, bedding to die for and to things you simply must have in your bathroom or kitchen we are the home for all things stylish.  We keep an eye on the trends and then our fabulous team of clever boys & girls at The Home Of Style get working on bringing you everything you need and even things you didn’t!


Whether you’re looking for a stunning new fabric or leather sofa or sofabed you’ll find it in our upholstery collection.  With a complete range of designer accessories you can style your perfect relaxation space.

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Add some personality to your bathroom with our range of accessories, from patterned shower curtains to basin sets, have some fun or keep it chic.

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See our range of outdoor furniture and accessories for the garden.

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We’ve selected a range of products to help in the kitchen, from food preparation and housekeeping to storage and cookware.

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Create the ultimate sanctuary in your bedroom.  Sheets, pillow cases, mood lighting and soft furnishings.

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Come and see our sale items that we have on offer…

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About The Home Of Style

Everything we sell at The Home Of Style is exclusive to us and designed by very talented people.

We go to recognised sources of excellence to get our stuff made. Yes we buy in China but we like Europe & India just as much. Poland is not only a fabulous country its a fabulous place to buy glassware and Portugal’s bedding is simply divine. And by working with renowned manufacturers we can get the best quality and make just enough to keep everything we sell as a limited collection so once it’s gone it’s gone. But seriously you know how embarrassing it is to turn up at a party in the same dress as someone else.

So why not come in and have a look around The Home Of Style.